You want the ground where the headstone or marker to be well settled and compacted. Otherwise, you are risking your monument becoming unleveled or even falling onto the grave site. You can speed up the process by compacting the dirt at the head of the grave paying especial attention to the gap between the ground and the vault. In normal conditions, you will need six to eight weeks to allow the ground to settle and be compacted.

We can work with you in whatever manner you desire. We regularly utilize email, teleconferences, and faxes to communicate with our customers. We have completed hundreds of monuments where we never met the customers face to face.

Monuments lean for a variety of reasons. Yes, some can be leaning due to poor foundations by the monument company. But a variety of other reasons can cause a monument to lean. The ground is not a stable material. Trees and bushes can cause roots to push up a monument. Dead trees roots will decay which can cause a monument to sink. Some clays swell and shrink with changes in weather. But whatever the reason why your Cotner Monument may lean, we will help fix your issues. If your Cotner Monument headstone or marker leans or is sinking, call us. We will fix it.

First, because we are proud of all our works of art. But really, we expect your monument to last years and years. If sometime in the future, someone has a problem with your headstone or marker like leaning, they will know who to call for help.

Headstones are intended as a recognition of a passed loved one and as a place for the remaining to come to remember that special person. No matter what final disposition to the person was, recognition and remembrance is always appropriate.

Almost one-third of our headstones and markers we create each year are for people who are still alive. Doing your own headstone relieves your loved ones of that responsibility and allows you to place the remembrance you want on your gravesite. You can stop in one of our stores or contact us. We go through exactly the same steps as with a deceased person of selecting the monument and creating the artwork.

We have various plans for paying off a headstone. We will work with you and arrange for payments that fit your budget.

Prices for headstones vary depending on size, features, colors, and cemetery requirements. We have found that providing prices is confusing for families. We work to keep pricing as simple as possible with as few “additional” items as possible. But all our monuments are unique even if you purchase a common type. We prefer to provide you a complete and accurate price so you can make an educated judgment.

FIRST, when approaching a headstone for cleaning, be sure that you do not do more harm or damage to the headstone. Many older headstones are detreating and require a highly qualified artist to deal with cleaning and not further damage the headstone. So check the condition of the monument and be sure to do no harm to it. Now down to the cleaning. I suggest that you visit our affiliated web site for complete cleaning instructions CleanMonument for complete instruction on monument cleaning.

The first thing to look for is how long has a monument company been in business. You cannot stay in this business by doing sloppy work or by cheating customers. We have been in business for over 144 years. Only 31 businesses in Arkansas have a longer record of existence.

We are members of the Arkansas Better Business Bureau. Go to their website for our review.

We can handle this situation in a couple of ways. We can produce the monument and ship it to a local monument company for installation. Or, we can work with a local monument company to produce the monument and install it. Or, we can help you find a local monument company and provide you with the design file for their use. We are willing to help in any way possible to allow you to have your monument placed as you desire.

NO. No matter how hard we try, someone will always find a way to cause harm. If this unfortunate event does occur, call us and we will help you restore your monument to its original condition. Also, be sure to have your monument listed on your home owner’s insurance policy. Most policies will do this for no additional cost or at a minimal cost.