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Garland County Veterans Memorial Garland County Veterans Memorial
Garland County Veterans Memorial
Dan Shue bill hollenbeck leadership fort smith
St bonifest parish fort smith arkansas
St bonifest parish fort smith arkansas
Polk County Veterans Memorial
Clayton County Oklahoma Veterans Memorial

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Joey Cannon, Joesph Cannon, Plummerville Arkansas

Assistant Chief Joey Cannon was shot and killed while making a traffic stop on U.S. 64 at approximately 6:20 am. After learning that the vehicle was stolen, he requested backup from a Conway County deputy. As Assistant Chief Cannon approached the vehicle, he was shot once in the chest. He was transported to Conway Regional Medical Center where he succumbed to his wound. Assistant Chief Cannon had served with the Plumerville Police Department for nine years and had served in law enforcement for 27 years. He was scheduled to retire in two weeks.

Greenwood Arkansas Veterans Memorial Park

Greenwood Arkansas Veterans Memorial Park Greenwood Arkansas Veterans Memorial Park

Several years ago, the City of Greenwood Arkansas decided to revive their downtown park. The City leaders decided that they wanted to feature the exixting clock and bell tower, walk ways, and benches. They also wanted to add a rememberence to the veterans of the community. The city decided to allow families to place a plaque of rememberence for their veterans. These plaques were to be set in the curbing along the walkways. Little did they realize that several years later and over a thousand plaques, they would have run out of room for further plaques.

A truly great memorial to those who served by a grateful community

Not Everyone Was A Hero

charles Moore, Muskogee, OK, Batfish Submarine

We all admire and sometimes are in awe of the bravery and acomplishments of our highly decorated men and women in the milatry services. But for every awarded veteran, we have hundreds who simply took their oath and carried it out to the best of their ability. They served with pride and honor. It is good to reconize and respect the hard work of the "everyday" veteran who gave a part of their life and possibly risked their live to serve our country.

I just want to thank each and every Charles Edward Moore who served and sacrificed for our freedom.