Our Story

Sam and Cathy Flocks want you to feel like a part of the family

From our Family to Yours

Cotner Monument is a lot of things to a lot of different people. To our employees, we are their source of their livelihood. We provide a good wage and benefits for them and their families. To our supplies, we are a loyal, valuable customer who pays their bills on time month in and month out. To our communities, we pay our taxes and support civic organizations. And to our customer, we seem to be a company which sells headstones and markers for placement in cemeteries. Although that is all important, it is not really why we are here.

When I purchased the company in 2003, I did not really understand what this business was all about. I can design and make beautiful headstones and markers and insure that are placed in the cemetery with a solid foundation. But I just did not get it!

In 2005, Cathy, my wife, joined me as the sales manager. Her arrival began a change in our attitude and our approach to this business. We quickly came to realize that we do not sell rocks to put at the head of graves. We provide a critical step in the journey of closure and comfort for the emotional damage that the loss of a loved one causes. In most cases, the purchasing of a headstone or marker is the last thing you will do for your loved one. The physical stone is a way to locate your loved one's grave site. You also receive comfort knowing that you have completed the cycle of life for that loved one with something which will spark memories for generations to come. What better tribute to a life than a headstone or marker which causes you to remember.

We care about each of our customers. We call you “our families” because we want to treat you just like family. We want you to feel like we respect and care for you just like we do our own family. We are prepared to cry with you and laugh with you; to help guide you to comfort with the loss of your loved one. You will get honesty and loyalty from us in every way. You will get a beautiful monument which will make you remember that passed loved one. Your design will be custom just for you. We do not have “cookie cutter” designs or standard objects. You will set with us and help design your remembrance for that loved one. Finally you will get a solid foundation for your monument for years of security.

Sam J. Flocks

Where Do Do Our Stones Come From?

Our granite and marble come from around the world. Depending on the nature of the geography and minerals in a region, the texture and color of granite will be unique.

How Do We Letter Our Monuments?

The process of lettering begins with the design and a rubber mat which duplicates the design. We then blast away material to revel the lettering and design.

How Do We Place Your Monument in the Cemetery?

The most beautiful monument must have a solid foundation. The foundation is key to the longevity of your headstone or marker.