Granite Colors

The colors presented are not faithful reproduction of the actual granite color.
Computer monitors and printers will reproduce colors differently than in person.
Colors of granite will vary between various peices as granite is a natural material.
Come visit our Showrooms to enjoy the true bueaty of our granite colors.

Georgia Gray Granite elberton georgia

Light Gray

flash black granite

Import Absolute Black

gray mist granite india granite

Dark Gray Mist

gray cloud mist granite india granite

Gray Cloud Mist

ebony mist granite french cloud granite canada granite

Ebony Mist

flash black granite american black granite

Flash Black

bellingham granite dakota granite


rustic magonony granite north dakota granite

Rustic Mahogony

mahogony dakota granite south dakota

Dakota Mahogony

morning rose grantie canadian granite nelson granite

Morning Rose

chapel rose grantie oklahoma granite

Chapel Rose

autumn rose grnaite oklahoma granite

Autumn Rose

marble white

White/Gray Marble

marble white

White Marble

red grantie imperial red empire red grantie

Imperial Red

dark blue grantie bahama blue granite

Dark Blue

blue pearl granite norway granite

Blue Pearl

emeral pearl granite cats eye green granite

Emerald Pearl

paradiso granite


salisbury pink granite

Salisbury Pink

seashell pink granite

Seashell Pink

silver cloud granite

Silver Cloud

cat's eye granite

Cat's Eye

rainbow granite


deer island granite

Deer Island

wisconson red

Wisconsin Red